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All math teachers should take this class: How to Learn Math

6 Sep

This past summer I took the most enriching web-based class from Stanford’s Jo Boaler called How to Learn Math, for teachers and parents. It was so interesting, enlightening, and I recommend it for all math teachers. It is all about guiding students to adopt the growth mindset .vs. the fixed mindset, and how to help students improve in problem solving by presenting doable but challenging open-ended exercises.

She also offers a How to Learn Math, for students. I haven’t taken this but will, and then I will most likely have all my students take it too.

Having a rough day at school? Watch Taylor Mali

8 Sep

I am a big fan of former teacher, Taylor Mali’s, slam poetry. His performance of “What Teachers Make” is so fun, and it’ll give you that needed shot of pride and encouragement when you need it.  Enjoy!

Liked it? Check out another one of my favorites of his,  titled, “Like you know”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZstwKJ8cps