Simplifying Algebraic Expressions Puzzle

7 Sep

This week my Algebra 1 classes studied and practiced simplifying algebraic expressions.  To cap off the learning, we did the puzzle that I lifted from Middle School Math Madness Blog.


However, instead of using Tarsia, which looks like  great software but not available on the Mac yet, I just created the puzzle the old fashion way.  Anyway, the results were amazing. Total engagement by the students. The puzzle was hard enough to be really challenging, but achievable at the same time. About a quarter of the students finished it, and many more were very close. They were eager to see a picture of the finished puzzle the next day. Here’s some pics:

2013-09-05 09.53.45 expression-puzzlespuzzle3

BTW, I love taking pictures of the kids in action. And they really enjoy seeing pictures of themselves the next day as we summarize the activity. Such hams!


One Response to “Simplifying Algebraic Expressions Puzzle”

  1. Eleanor Williams July 31, 2017 at 3:36 pm #

    Hey, would you be willing to share? xx

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