My Favorite Extra Credit

16 Oct

I don’t give students take home extra-credit. The only opportunity they have to collect a few more points is after a test or quiz. I’ll put a few questions on the board. I want the questions to be doable, but challenging enough to engage everyone until the end of the period (since not everyone has finished the quiz, and I want the class to remain quiet).  It’s  a win-win.

One of my favorite extra credit questions include using my old street address from my childhood home. I have the actual street numbers on my classroom wall (my mom gave them to me a few years ago). It sort of brings me full circle to look at them. Anyway, using the numbers 6,5,1,1 my students need to create numeric expressions that simplify to the numbers 1 through 12 using only adding, subtracting, multiplying and/or dividing ( same as the Four 4s challenge).  They  get 1 extra credit point for each two expressions they get correct. Finding the expressions are especially challenging for 4, 5, and 6.

Some of my other extra-credit favorites are problems like these:

1/(1+1/(1+1/(1+1)))      [does wordpress have an equation editor?]

What is 20% of 1/2 of 1/4 of 80?


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