PPerfect Squares — It’s a rap!

18 Aug

I created this rap my first year teaching, and it’s very popular with my students.  So when I created this blog it was the first name that popped into my head, and I went with it.  I hope you like it.

Lyrics (Click here to listen to PPerfect Squares ):

PPerfect Squares, perfect squares, simple roots everywhere.

PPerfect Squares, perfect squares, here’s a sound-off if you dare.

One, one is so fun.  Four, four there’s lots more. Nine, nine is divine.

Sixteen the mean machine. Twenty five is alive, and thirty six is in the mix.

Forty nine is right in line. Sixty four is at the door as  eighty one has gone undone.

The big one hundred rolls out of bed as one twenty one sees the sun.

One forty four, there’s one more; it’s one sixty nine, the last in line.

PPerfect Squares, perfect squares goes on and on, but this is the end of this song!


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