My adventure into math blogging.

11 Aug

This is my first post. I am a middle school math teacher, currently teaching 7th grade pre-algebra and intervention. I just finished my 6th year teaching, and this year I want to take my teaching to a more interactive, sensory level. For creative and research reasons, I am really looking forward to teaching my intervention students this year. It’s so challenging to lift up a struggling  and turned-off math student, and just more practice isn’t the answer. This year I am going to approach the class differently. My main goal is to provide an environment where they learn to think critically and problem solve with perseverance. The class will solve puzzles, learn how to ask good math questions, reason through the math aloud, and represent the math in various forms. My guidebooks are Accessible Mathematics by Steven Leinwand and What’s Math Got To Do With It? by Jo Boaler.


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